Grand Master Thomas Amos granted the dispensation for Fairweather Lodge in Tacoma on October 1st, 1889, to Warren F Harris and 11 others. The Charter is dated: June 15th, 1892. This Lodge is one of only two named after living persons, alive at the time of being Chartered.

In December of 1997, Destiny Lodge #197 was consolidated into Fairweather. Destiny Lodge was granted dispensation by MWGM Frank N. McCandless on June 17th, 1912 and Charter dated: September 29th, 1913. In 1919, Destiny’s membership reached 698 Master Masons!

MWGM William A. Fairweather, born in 1853, arrived in Tacoma in 1874, the early days of our city, and entered the mercantile business. He moved to Sprague in 1886, and returned to Tacoma in 1889 when he was elected Grand Master. He became a Master Mason in 1877 at 24 years of age, and was Grand Master at 36 in 1889, the year his Lodge was started. He was an honorary member of this Lodge until his death at the age of 88, in 1941.

Fairweather earned the nickname of the “Railroader’s” Lodge, as its first Master, and 8 of its first 12 Masters, were employed by the Northern Pacific Railroad here in Tacoma. Most recently, we are known as the “Friendly” Lodge for our comraderie and brotherly fellowship in welcoming Brothers, olde and new alike.

Our current Deputy of the Grand Master for District #14, VWB Kevin Gent, is a Past Master of this Lodge.


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