Fifth Tuesday Dinner

We warmly invite you to our Fifth Tuesday Dinner of Prime Rib.  This dinner celebrates Freemasonry in Brotherly Love and Fellowship.

Freemasonry is considered the oldest fraternity on Earth and because we are a group of every race, creed and religion what better way to come together in love and friendship than to dine together.

Open to all!  This dinner is an excellent way for you to get to know freemasons in Tacoma and learn about what is possible within the Fraternity.

Every month that has a fifth Tuesday, you are invited to our Prime Rib dinner. (COVID schedule may vary, contact Lodge Secretary for details.)

Masons Making a Difference

Fairweather Lodge No 82 seeks to better our community by lending assistance in conjunction with Washington masonic Charities.

Annually, as a Lodge, we give of our time and financially to many (fifteen to thirty) causes in the Tacoma community and state.

One of out more fulfilling programs is our regular partnering with Rebuilding Together, where we spend a day building wheel chair ramps for those that need them most.

Now in our fourth year of the program we ask that if you know anyone in need of a wheelchair ramp, please let us know.  Contact Lodge Secretary.

Scholarship Program

Each year Fairweather No 82 provides thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to certain teenage children in the Tacoma area.  Scholarships recipients are chosen and checks paid.

Youth Protection Program

Fairweather No 82 provides direct community awareness for the Youth Protection Program with the sole purpose of protecting youth against trafficking and identity theft.

Become A Freemason

Charity is a big part of being a Freemason.  Collectively our Fraternity exists to make good men better though a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.  One of the tenants is 'Charity' which is not to be confused with the attribute of love that one brother has for another, or a Freemason has for his brother and fellow man.  But Fairweather cares deeply about the change we can influence in the life of someone by relieving their burden of education.

If personal growth towards becoming a better man resonate with you, then you may beginning to realize your potential.